Our Approach

Step 1: Give us all the deets

This is kind of like our first date (but way less awkward). We want to learn all about you and your wedding- show us your favorite photo with your partner, send over some hair inspo, and let us see what you’ll be wearing! Don’t forget to include when and where we’ll need to show up- the date, venue, times, etc. We love getting to know our babes beyond just their hair needs, so feel free to include anything else you think we might want to know (hidden talent, favorite alcohol, least favorite part of wedding planning). Get to sharing on our inquiry form!

Step 2: Practice, practice, practice

This is like a dress fitting, but for your head. We’ll take into account all of the details from your inquiry form (like what time of year it’ll be and what neckline you’re wearing) to come up with a few hairstyle options that will compliment you best. Once you’ve found the one that makes you feel most beautiful, we’ll take notes and photos so it can be recreated exactly as you like for the wedding. We want you to leave the trial feeling confident and ready for the big day!

Step 3: Let's Do This!

Brides, this is where you get to relax. We will create a full day-of schedule that outlines exactly when and where everyone needs to be, so all you have to do is show up! You’ll get tons of tips on how to prepare for the wedding, so the day of is as easy and fun as it can be! We only bring good vibes, and we promise to go above and beyond to ensure you remain happy and calm through it all. We’re not leaving until your hair is absolutely perfect.

Babes: Don’t worry, we’ve got you, too. You’ve been the bride’s official hype (wo)man through this whole process, and now it’s time to chill out. You have an important job- the bride wouldn’t have anyone other than her favorite girls by her side. Let us take over and make sure you look and feel like your most gorgeous self. Show us some inspiration photos of how you want your hair, or let us get creative! Either way, you’ll look absolutely stunning.